Papa Dallas - Nick LaTour
Young Papa Dallas - Mark A. Hurt
Overseer - Alton England
Bae Su - Zoie Lambert
Essie Mae - Aminah Muhammed
T. B. Brown - Navon Encarnacion
Essie Mae/Nurse - Kamilah Long
The Patient - Fletcher Jones

Papa Dallas, Great Grandfather of Tonea Stewart, was born a slave but did not let that stop him from wanting to learn how to read. After being caught trying to learn to read and right he was blinded as a punishment and a symbol to other slaves that wanted to learn to read and write. Papa Dallas lived until he was 107 year old. 
In 1998 Dr. Stewart had the unique opportunity to record and perform her Great Grandfather's story for the Smithsonian Institute International Public Radio Project.    The "Remembering Slavery" project became a world renowned  piece of history as Dr. Stewart traveled to Korea, Turkey and Scotland to perform. 
"How can you know how far you have come if you don't know where you started?"
                                                                                                               - Tonea Stewart , The Slave Narratives 

Production Staff
Scriptwriters - Dr. Tommie Harris Stewart & Beverly Harris Bassett
Producer/Director - Tonea Stewart
Assistant Director - Thomas Stewart
Director of Photography - Thomas Stewart
B Camera - Aaron Motley
Production Assistants - LaNisha Leslie and Jacqueline Myers
Hair/Make-Up-  Brian Martin 
Wardrobe- Ramona Ward 

-Best Narrator International -
-New York World Fest Gold Medal Winner -
-Gabriel Award Winner -